Product Reviews

Choosing MoistureShield® was the best decision ever. Walking onto our porch we had a area that always stayed slippery. No matter how many times we bleached and cleaned it nothing worked until we used MoistureShield®. It's now safe to walk on when it's wet.

Ada Miller


Protected to the core so boards can be installed on the ground, in the ground, or underwater near pools and marinas.

I purchased the MoistureShield® Pro Graystone Composite Decking Board at the Home Depot. I bought it because of the durableness of the product. It was easy to cut and drill through. I installed it with relative ease and am very impressed with it. No fading, No denting, Scratch resistant. No slivers! Looks great.

Douglas Walser

We chose the Vantage Collection® for our deck! We loved the reversible boards and how easy it made the installation! With an industry leading warranty against rot and decay, this was an easy choice!

Michelle Northcutt

The Core...
Plus More

Providing you the right options to fit your style and budget

Long lasting great protection! Was recommended to us by a friend and I am so glad we listened to him.

Abby Swan

I created this deck with the help of my wife and could not be happier with the outcome. We do not have to worry about re sealing our deck every other year like with our previous one. The quality and durability of the product far exceeds a treated lumber product which we had before. No more mold and mildew to power wash off every year! The traction is great as well no more slipping when wet! Thanks for an awesome product. Highly recommended to our friends and family.

Donald Almendarez


Industry leading Lifetime Warranty

We had an incredible experience! So easy to setup, install and use! A totally seamless process with unbelievably fabulous results!! Couldn't be happier!

Sheryl Towns


25 years without a field failure

First time using it. Did a deck top redo on a dock. Chose it because of it being good for a water environment. Really liked working with it and the look. Nice texture so shouldn't be too slippery and doesn't seem quite as hot to the touch as some of the other brands. Plus looked like Cedar decking.

Robert Desmarais

We use MoistureShield® Pro doing professional permanent docks & customers love it! We never have to return to jobs for fix it, long lasting colors never fade [on] beautiful docks, [MoistureShield® Pro] adds great value to property.

Donald Campbell

Easy to Install

Does not require staining, painting, or sealing

Easy to cut, our daughter actually assisted with it and she's 9. Real smooth finish, now no more splinters for her and her friends. We chose a gray color and the end results looked phenomenal!

Laura Rehfuss

Deck Products are high quality, consistent and a pleasure to build with. But best of all, when an isolated issue appeared with their product, MoistureShield® didn't hesitate a bit, they replaced the material in question as well as covered the labor cost to replace. MoistureShield's product guarantee is for real! No fine print!

Thomas Voyles