Composite decking is growing in popularity with homeowners because it lasts longer than wood, but without the need to stain, paint or sand it - and it looks great!

Gray Composite Deck

There's a common problem with composites, however, that homeowners disdain - they tend to get too hot in direct sun or during extended hot periods. Just when you want to enjoy the outdoors, a too hot deck might end up keeping you inside. Fortunately, there's a new alternative this year.

How Hot Can Decking Get?

Although you might think the problem of an over-hot deck is limited to the Sun Belt, decks in any part of the U.S. can heat up in summer. Hot decks can actually be more troublesome to homeowners in cooler regions, as they have fewer sunny days to enjoy their deck, so don't want to lose any outdoor living time.

Restaurant with Composite Deck

How hot is hot? To answer that question, deck builder Jim Finlay, owner of Archadeck of Suburban Boston, tested a wide range of composite and PVC deck boards in the hot August sun. He found the sun can heat a deck from 34° to 76° F hotter than the surrounding air. On an 80° day, that could mean a deck surface temperature of more than 150°!

What's the Best Decking Material for Full Sun? 

Virtually any decking material will heat-up in direct sun - with darker colors tending to absorb more heat. Although there is no fully heat-resistant decking, as Jim Finlay found, wood decking typically stays cooler than synthetic materials.

But what if you have your heart set on composites - what are the options??

To provide homeowners with an alternative to overly hot composite decks, MoistureShield has developed a solution we call CoolDeck® technology.

CoolDeck Technology GraphicThe first and only innovation of its kind in the decking industry, MoistureShield's CoolDeck® technology optimizes heat reflection so the deck boards absorb up to 35% less heat than conventional capped composites in similar colors. Boards with CoolDeck also reduce heat transfer on contact.

We offer CoolDeck® technology as an option in select product lines, including MoistureShield® Vision and MoistureShield® Infuse decking.

Composite Dock

Enjoy Your Summer Wherever You Live

Whether you live in Dallas or Boston, or anywhere else, you likely will be looking for composite decking that doesn't get too hot. While some deck builders say wood is the best decking material for full sun, the growing number of composite decking fans now have an option for lower temperature composite decking.